About Us


Based in New York City, National Concerts offers unrivaled performances for both choral and instrumental ensembles. Curated by our Artistic Directors, our unique and imaginative collaborations include a variety of artistic disciplines and may feature:

modern dance
creative staging
lighting design
video projection
thematic narrative
interactive media
world premieres

Our productions bring ensembles and industry professionals together, culminating in memorable experiences for both the performers and the audience.

Ambitious, innovative, compelling, and definitely unique. Join us! 



"Matthew Workman and National Concerts - you brought artistic collaboration to a new level - choirs, wind ensemble, directors, accompanists, composers, lighting designers, dancers, projectionists, guest conductors - the real standing ovation goes to you. You were meticulous, creative, organized, driven, and worked tirelessly to create an unforgettable evening of music."
- Richard Burchard, Composer

"I am still on Cloud 9 from an amazing Carnegie Hall weekend! Thank you to all of my colleagues, friends, and collaborators for making this a truly memorable experience! “
- Jeffrey Benson, San Jose State University

"So excited to be involved in this tremendous event with National Concerts. Congratulations to Matthew Workman and his amazing team—my students, chaperones and I are forever changed as a result of our experience!”
- Anne-Marie Katemopoulos, Lincoln High School

"No words adequately express what it feels like to be a part of this amazing collaboration. Thank you National Concerts.”
- Julie Dana, Fresno City College