about us

Based in New York City, National Concerts offers unparalleled performance collaborations for choirs, bands, and orchestras at Carnegie Hall and other renowned venues across the United States. We produce unique and imaginative performances by collaborating across artistic passions including:

  • Projection Design
  • Modern Dance
  • World Premieres
  • Thematic Programming
  • Lighting Design
  • Creative Staging

Our productions bring ensembles and industry professionals together, culminating in memorable experiences for both the performers and the audience.


"We don't always in our own settings have the opportunity to do new music at a high-level. This is something that I think is going to really set this company apart."

- Sandra Snow, Michigan State University

"Last weekend was truly incredible! So honored to not only conduct at Carnegie Hall, but share the stage with such beautiful souls! Thank you Matthew Workman and National Concerts for a wonderful, first rate experience!"

- Jeffery Redding, University of Central Florida

"Matthew Workman and National Concerts - you brought artistic collaboration to a new level - choirs, wind ensemble, directors, accompanists, composers, lighting designers, dancers, projectionists, guest conductors - the real standing ovation goes to you. You were meticulous, creative, organized, driven, and worked tirelessly to create an unforgettable evening of music."

- Richard Burchard, Composer

"I am still on Cloud 9 from an amazing Carnegie Hall weekend! Thank you to all of my colleagues, friends, and collaborators for making this a truly memorable experience! “

- Jeffrey Benson, San Jose State University

"No words adequately express what it feels like to be a part of this amazing collaboration. Thank you National Concerts.”

- Julie Dana, Fresno City College

"So excited to be involved in this tremendous event with National Concerts. Congratulations to Matthew Workman and his amazing team—my students, chaperones and I are forever changed as a result of our experience!”

- Anne Marie Katemopoulos, Lincoln High School

“It was a beautiful evening filled with messages of unity, beautifully executed music, and love. I think we walked away better people. As was expressed by many: this concert broke the norm of what a Carnegie performance usually is. You surely brought artistic collaboration to a new level.”

- Monique Campbell Retzlaff, Freeport High School

"An exciting program and premiere of "Home in Me" yesterday at Carnegie Hall with Matthew Workman and National Concerts! Huge thank you to National Concerts staff, conductors Dr. Sandra Snow and Dr. Meredith Y. Bowen, poet Dr. Sienna Craig and all of the singers and instrumentalists who performed my work so beautifully!"

- Andrea Clearfield, Composer

"This weekend, a small group from the Asbury Women’s Choir traveled with me to NYC to perform in the National Concerts Treble Chorus under the direction of Dr. Sandra Snow. These young women learned some difficult music, including a world premiere by Dr. Andrea Clearfield. The choir got to work with Dr. Clearfield which brought the music to a whole new level. These ladies did an amazing job!!! Thank you to National Concerts and Matthew Workman for this excellent, professional, exciting collaboration."

- Jill Tolar Campbell, Eastern Kentucky University

"Matthew Workman, I cannot say enough about what you have done for my students and my program over the past 5 days! You provided my students with an experience that they will talk about and cherish for the rest of their lives! Thank you for helping my students out and their families when they really needed it!

If you are a choral director and you are looking for a truly meaningful experience for your students, National Concerts is the only way to go! They are so professional and truly think about what is best for the students! They bring in phenomenal clinicians that positively impact your students! I can not recommend them enough!"

- Thomas Desmond, Braden River High School


"While standing on that stage, an immense feeling of joy came over me and it is one of the best feelings I've ever had."

"Nothing has humbled me like walking out on that magnificent stage. Everyone worked so hard to reach this point and I could feel it in the room."

"My experience at Carnegie Hall was one of awe and wonder. Never had I felt so fulfilled until this great event."

"It's a strange feeling to be able to say that you did something that so few people get to accomplish, especially at such a young age."

"Without everyone's help and support, there wouldn't be such a big place in my heart for music."

"There was a room full of dedicated, concentrated, professional people and it made you want to work your hardest so you could support each other.”